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Lean Methodology – The Strategic Review

LSI Consulting's Lean Methodology involves the integration of the resources of people, processes and technology. Our work involves all aspects of business process engineering, change management and information management including the restructuring of roles and accountabilities based on deliverables.

We achieve positive and sustainable change through enrolment and engagement of our client’ staff in the change process resulting in staff feeling as though they have done it themselves.

“If it is invented here” it stays and is utilised.

It begins with ‘thinking’. We work with our clients to challenge and change the way they think. By engaging people in our lean thinking methodologies, we are able to implement positive and sustainable change in process, behaviour and the use of existing technology which significantly improves productivity, reduces costs, improves service levels and protects and enhances revenue streams.

Lean Thinking Methodology

Lean Thinking Methodology

Our approach has two distinct phases:

o Phase 1 – The Analysis or Diagnostic of our approach is an in-depth analysis or diagnostic, primarily focused on engaging our client’ staff in determining the potential for change in organisational performance and structure and quantifying the size of any identified opportunities.

o Phase 2 – The Change Implementation / Project involves the design and implementation of appropriate processes and behaviours to deliver improved productivity, reduce costs and improve services as the expected measurable project outcomes.